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Read through testimonials provided by our past and parents in the daycare.
Aviva & Calvin
I am a mother of two young boys. Their ages are 7 and 4. I am very pleased with them attending Shila’s Daycare. The first time I met Shila I was 7 months pregnant. She came highly recommended by my cousin that has a daughter of her own. She is just one year older than my son and has been attending Shila’s Daycare a year before I needed to look for someone to watch my child when I was going to return to work.

When I first entered the daycare I noticed how well her students were behaved. The way the kids interacted with Shila and the way Shila interacted with them, they were all so loving and accepting. I knew at that moment this was where I would like to bring my son after I went back to work.

After 6 weeks of maternity leave, I went back to work. I had become an official working parent. I will admit I cried when I had to leave my sons side for the first time all day to someone else. I called Shila a few hours later just to check on him and I could tell in her friendly voice that she was very familiar with first time moms calling just to see how everything was going. She assured me that he was fine. She said he’s eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, p*#ping… You know, doing what babies do. I felt relieved and wasn’t worried.

During the months that my son was getting older, Shila was teaching the other children the basic ABC’s – 123, shapes, etc. She would tell me what the kids learned that day. I would go home and practice with my son and sure enough he was doing just as she said. He knew so much and I was very impressed as to how much he knew at such an early age. What really impressed me was a day I casually said to my son “Hello and how are you today?” He replied back “Fine thank you”. My mouth dropped to the floor. I thought to myself how this little 1 year old boy could answer me so clearly and with the proper response. I mentioned this to Shila and her response was “Of course mommy… We don’t just learn the alphabet here. We also teach manners”.

When my oldest son started Kindergarten he was very advanced in his class. He earned Honor Roll each semester and even now continues to earn Honor Roll all throughout the 1st grade. I see the same kind of progress in my younger son now. I’m very happy with how much they have learned working with Shila.

I feel as if Shila is a part of my family. My 2 sons, husband and I love Shila with all our hearts. We trust her tremendously. I highly recommend Shila to any family that has children. Your kids will feel safe and secure. You will feel happy and relieved knowing your children are in good hands.

Thank you Shila. We love you. Arnez, Avari, Calvin & Aviva Howard
Michelle Feinberg
I have two kids and they both started daycare with Shila when they were 3 1/2 months old. Shila loves all the kids in the daycare as if they were her own. She is so warm and caring with all the kids. She has a structured day, she even has a music teacher than comes in. My son loves to dance and sing!

She teaches the kids manners and my son even enjoys cleaning up. Both my kids love going to daycare and they don't want to leave when I come to pick them up. I am so happy I found Shila's daycare and I feel comfortable going to work each day knowing they are in such good hands.

Michelle Feinberg